About me

My name is Marko Rantala. I'm software developer in Oscar Software and currently studying in University of Tampere's MDP programme in Human-Technology Interaction. Heading towards to career in digital and technology industry and beocming UI- & UX-Designer, and Front end developer.
Cero 2.0 coming soon!

Who am I?


My first career plan was to be a visual artist, but I dicovered pretty soon (in elementary school) that I am quite poor in drawing. Second considerable choice was musician, but I couldn't keep the rythm as my teachers many time noticed me. After all I had my lovely sopranist singing voice, but eventually it was gone after my voice break. My last lifelane was to become a writer. It was natural choice because I love reading and I'm very curious person, so I like resolve and research various things. The only thing that brought problems for me was spelling... And that was that.

So I became a "web designer".

Beauty is always my aspiration when I'm creating something. In UI- & UX-designs I try to aim as esthetic result as possible, forgetting usability issues and clients wishes. Curious about users' emotions, colors, typography and layouts.


The More I learn, the more I love it.

When I started in University, where I got my first, real touch to programming, Coding was sometimes almost overwhelming for me. Then I discovered all the web stuff, and I found my passion. I knew where to ahead and what to do.

For me this will be the future. Today I wouldn't describe myself as an awesome coder, maybe limited edition would be better expression. Have the desire to do awesome things but currently my skills are the limiting part.

Currently the techniques I fancy are; HTML, SASS, and jQuery. This spring my goal is be able to create Dynamic web-apps. In my Zone of proximal development is currently ReactJS, FLUX, and perhaps NodeJS. End of the year I hope to know better RESTful-architecture and Clojure.



  • Comprehensive school    2007
  • Arkadian yhteislyseo    2010
  • Bachelor of Science     2015


  • Over 7 years as a Vendor
  • Summer of 2015 as a trainee in the School of Information Sciences, University of Tampere



Guru Geek UX Guy Newbie No idea HTML 5 Javascript SCSS / CSS PHP Java C++ C PostgreSQL MySQL XML JSON

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early 2015

Designing and Implementing Demo-version of supervisor education tool. Pitky's Award winning project.

UX   UI  <code>


summer 2015

Improving students assignment submission tool's usability and functionality. Renewing userinterface to this century and implementing MOOC-functionality

UX   UI  <code>